Live transfer leads are scams? Let’s find out the pros and cons!

Live transfer leads are a process where lead generation companies generate pre-qualified leads and transfer them to funding specialists through live transfer calls. The live transfer is a form of merchant cash advance or can be any other product marketing strategy. Lead generation using digital marketing is very popular these days. The world we know was changing rapidly and the process of lead generation is also changing. We need to be smart enough to protect us from the viruses like covid19 & others and also able to generate leads that help our business to grow faster. MCA Leads World offers merchant cash advance live transfers, MCA appointments, Aged mca leads, Aged mca application & statements, and all other digital marketing solutions like email marketing, social media marketing, agent hiring, search engine optimization to rank your website on the first pages of Google, etc.

Not only for the merchant cash advance, but MCA Leads World also generates leads for solar Australia, air ducts, solar USA, student loans, payday, insurance, mortgage, and any other campaign you want us to dial or cold call.

What are live transfer leads?

Live transfer leads are live exclusive leads. This means live transfer lead is not available to any other client except ONE. This exclusive nature makes the lead most powerful type of lead on the market today with the highest conversion rate. Best Live transfer leads to saving the client valuable time. Live transfers are used to track down new prospects to find out if they qualify for a particular type of service. This is a great way to save money and time. Live Transfer allows marketing companies to deliver leads and opportunities to the US sales team directly. The live transfer also allows B2B companies to get more clients without wasting their time on cold calling. A live transfer is when a lead contacts a call centre rep and is transferred to a buyer. Live transfers are phone calls that are transferred from the lead company to a funding company. One of the most common types of live transfer leads is called Pay Per Call advertising.

How do live transfer leads works?

Live transfer leads generation starts from contacting small business owners who are in need of cash advance or business loans. MCA Leads World generates inbound leads using all the latest digital marketing procedures. We pre-qualify merchants by all the basic merchant cash advance criteria. So, when we transfer a call to you, That lead is already qualified and interested in merchant cash advance/business loan.

This is how the live transfer process works –

  • We generate exclusive live transfer leads through several digital marketing processes.
  • Experienced agents contact them and if they are interested in cash advance, They pre-qualify them through call.
  • We strictly follow all the merchant cash advance criteria to pre-qualify prospects.
  • When a merchant stated that he is interested in cash advance and answer all pre-qualify questions, We transfer the call to you as a live transfer.
  • After transferring the prospect, You can talk to the merchant live while he is already pre-qualified and ready to move forward.
  • In the meantime, we send all the details that we took from the prospect so you can see, and if you want to know anything more specific you can ask the prospect.

live transfer leads

What is the benefit of live transfer leads?

Live transfer leads are a great way to fill up your pipeline and save money at the same time. This is because the live transfer lead is available to only one client. Live transfers are when prospects/leads are delivered while on the phone to the sales organization from the lead companies. The live transfer gives your sales team freer time to focus on other tasks. When a lead is transferred to a call centre rep, it allows the sales team to spend time on closing sales. Live transfer saves the client valuable time by allowing the rep to take over the call immediately without wasting their valuable time on cold calling.

How to get exclusive mca live transfer leads?

In order for you to get Exclusive mca Live transfer leads, you need to purchase leads from the lead company. In doing so, we will provide exclusive leads to your sales team directly.

Does live transfer leads scam?

The first thing to note about live transfer leads is that they are live exclusive. In a live transfer, a call centre representative qualifies a lead and then transfers the call to a specialized agent who can complete the sale. The live transfer allows your sales staff to spend time on closing sales, rather than wasting their valuable time on cold calling. Live transfers are not scams. They are a great way to save your company money and time. The only way to find out if a lead is legitimate is to purchase leads. If the lead company is a legitimate business, you can expect to receive more exclusive live transfer leads. However, if the lead company is a scam, then you can expect to receive dead transfer leads. The live transfer gives you the ability to sell high-ticket products without the hassle of cold calling. They also have the highest conversion rate, which means that you can close more sales with limited resources.

Alternate of best live transfer leads

MCA Leads World generates different types of leads using different Digital Marketing methods. We give you different options to suit your time management and budget. Let’s see what other services we provide except live transfer leads – 

  1. Appointment Setting: As you know we generate leads through different processes and pre-qualify them. When a prospect is ready for cash advance our agent will talk to the merchant like he is working for your company and set an appointment for the next day.
  2. Aged mca leads: Aged leads are basically old pre-qualified leads. A lot of funding companies prefer aged leads for their marketing because aged leads are cost-efficient. There are different types of aged leads available, but mostly 30-60 days are popular.
  3. Aged application & bank statements: Aged app & statements are basically files submitted by merchants to obtain funding in different funding companies. You will get a signed application, bank statements, supporting docs like dob, license, and in some cases tax returns, SSN, etc.
  4. Aged hiring: You can hire an agent from us, They are well trained. They can do cold calling, chat support, manage your social media, manage your website, attain inbound calls as virtual assistants.
  5. Website design & SEO: We have a dedicated team for designing a beautiful website and we are also specialized in search engine optimization to rank your website on the first pages of google.

Why business live transfer leads are the best method?

Live transfer leads are exclusive and one of the best lead generation methods in any industry. But not every time and for everyone, the live transfer is a good choice. Because everyone has different time management and budget. If the live transfer doesn’t meet your time schedule or budget, We have always other options for you to select a convenient option.

Now let’s see why live transfers are the perfect option for you –

  • 100% exclusive leads
  • 100% replacement for bad leads
  • Don’t Pay for bad leads
  • The cost-efficient leads generation method
  • Time-saving and ensuring Good ROI
  • DNC scrubbed
  • Targeted leads specifically for the targeted industry
  • Pre-qualified leads

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What makes us different?

MCA Leads World is one of the top live transfer leads generation company in the whole world. A company with strict privacy & policy for customers. Most importantly providing exclusive services & cheap live transfer leads, for thousands of satisfied customers who are coming back always to get more. We have highly qualified call center agents who are experienced in many verticals. MCA Leads World generates leads through:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Email marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • All sorts of modern digital marketing


If are a cash advance provider and willing to reach the right prospects, MCA live transfer leads would be the best option for your marketing strategy. MCA Leads World has been in the mca industry for the last 7 years and they have proved themselves as the best.

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