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neck pain below ear is a serious problem nowadays. A neck pain behind the ear can cause of specific area in the head. Most people face this pain at some stage in their life. Pain behind the ear is very unusual. But all headaches are not the same. There are 300± types of headache.

neck pain below ear

What causes neck pain below ear?

neck pain below ear has several reasons. Not everytime headache can be identified. We try to cover some of the basic reasons here:

Occipital Neuralgia: Occipital Neuralgia is far bad then having headache itself.

In simple words, Occipital Neuralgia is a critical condition in which the nerve that runs from your spinal cord up through the scalp are injured or inflamed. Most people described the pain in the back of the head or skull.

♦Symptoms: Patients describe intense pain feel like sharp, electric shock in neck or back of their head. Other symptoms include pain behind eyes. aching, burning pain that maybe stars from base of head and up to scalp. Patients can be sensitive to light.

♦Treatment: Basic treatment includes plenty of rest and regular massage in neck to prevent muscles gets too stiff. If the pain is excessive, local nerve blocks and steroid injections directly to the back of the neck to minimal the pain.

Mastoiditis: It is a rare kind of infection that infect mastoid bone Located behind the ear.

Certainly A serious infection. In most cases people fail to treat mastoiditis, Which is life threatning. Mastoiditis is very common in children younger than 2 years old.

♦Symptoms: Mastoiditis begins after an ear infection. Can be excessive pain in or around the ear. pus or fluid coming out from the ear. Fever. Redness behind the ear. Bad smell coming from the ear. Hearing problems. Ringing in-ear. May ear appears to be pushed forward.

♦Treatment: Mastoiditis can be recognize by its symptoms. However, imaging scans and sometimes blood work can help recognize the cause. Antibiotics is basic treatment. If first antibiotic treatment doesnt work, A culture of the infection may suggest by doctor to determine the bacteria and change the course of antibiotics. Typically require hospitalization. However if condition is critical, doctor may suggest removing the mastoid bone completely or draining your ear.

Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome: Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome is caused by injury in Temporomandibular Joint.

That can cause headaches, migraines, also lead to clicking, inflammation of nerve, grinding of tooth etc.

♦symptoms: TMD is painful and can last several years and Both sides of face can be affected. However Woman suffer for TMD more then men and That is to say, People of age 20-40 has higher chances of getting affected. TMD symptoms includes:

Tenderness in face with pain. pain in jaws joint, neck. Painful while talking or chewing, opening mouth. Sometimes jaw gets locked while opening mouth. Feeling tired in face. upper and lower teeth not fitting together properly.

♦Treatment: Firstly Ice can be applied for 10 mins on the side of face. Secondly, Do some jaws exercise if recommended by dentist to strengthen jaw muscles, relax and stretch to get healed. Apply warm towel for 5 mins. If the jaw is locked, go to hospital emergency dept and it will be treated by sedating to comfort, Then the lower jaw is pushed upper and lower to get it on right position.

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symptoms of  neck pain below ear

neck pain below ear Symptoms can vary depend on the cause. But this can cause intense pain in back of head or neck. The pain occur in head and start from neck. During NPBE it feels like electric shock in head or neck. infection and fever is very common in that case.

So, book an appointment with doctor if:

  • Ear infection if you reckon.
  • Continus pain.
  • Already treated, but no improvement.
  • Running fever.
  • Lossing weight.
neck pain below ear

immediate medical attention needed if:

  • Severe pain.
  • Jaw locked.
  • High fever & vomiting.
  • Confusion, in some cases dizzy.
  • Changes in personality.

These maybe serious sign of medical condition.

Diagnosis of neck pain or ear pain

neck pain below ear should get a proper diagnosis. So, the doctor may start with a physical examination, including a look in the eye. The doctor also may ask about previous medical history including spine, neck, head injury. Similarly, May also need ear culture and some blood tests. also, be referred to an ENT specialist. If any sign of occipital neuralgia, an anesthetic nerve blocker can be given. If it helps, Doctor will be confirmed about occipital neuralgia and he will start the diagnosis.

But To diagnose TMJ disorder, the doctor may refer you to an oral surgeon or specialist. If you are still facing a headache, you might need to visit a neurologist. The neurological exam includes an X-ray, CT or CAT, MRI.

neck pain below ear Home Treatment

certainly Some of home treatment can be applied before determined the actual reason of pain and consult with a doctor. Some of them are:

  • Firstly Resting in silent room.
  • Secondly massage neck to release pain.
  • Less stress.
  • No grinding of teeth.
Treatment of pain in behind ear

Above all Depending on cause of neck pain below ear a doctor may suggest medication including:

  • Muscle relaxants.
  • Steroid shots.
  • Antiseizure drugs.
  • Antibiotics.
  • a night-guard for TMJ.

Meanwhile Steroid shots are temporary. hence Several shots maybe required before pain is manageable. But Operation maybe needed, in rare cases.


finally, neck pain below the ear is not life-threatening. However Many cases people feel relieved and relaxed after taking proper rest and medication. But Proper medication should be followed as prescribed by a doctor. Thanks for visiting our website.